For Owen Milne and his surfing buddy, Andrew Mooney, visiting Canada’s East Coast to shred the big waves and get it all on film had been on their bucket list for a while. But in late summer of 2017, it became a reality.

Owen’s photos

Owen Milne: “Being able to travel around one of the most unique parts of Canada inside an RV was a surreal experience. Waking up to the peaceful sounds of the ocean crashing right near your bedroom window then brewing up a coffee jug as you watch the sunrise was amazing. Then being able to surf most of the day with no one around but your RV close by was a pretty hard experience to match. Everyone had good vibes because of the amazing lifestyle we were living which is key on any surf trip around the world.

Andrew Mooney: “Picture being able to park your home wherever you like! We got to choose the view we woke up to everyday, most mornings I was in awe of the new scenery we had literally stumbled across. I hadn’t really done any RVing previously and was blown away at how in touch with the natural surrounds I felt, all from the comfort of my double bed or peering just outside the wide open kitchen windows. Waking up with a view of the beach, greeted by perfect waves and the style of travel was a hard one to let go of.”

Special thanks to Motorhome Travel for supplying the RV.

Owen Milne

Freelance Cinematographer

Owen Milne is a freelance cinematographer from Australia who loves to grab video of big waves and surfers riding them. Watch his Red Bull featured Show reel here.