Join Mike and his friend on a first-time trip with a Class B Camper van as they explore provincial park and get to experience a unique cosmic event!

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1. How was your trip? What did you get up to?

It was really incredible. I think for us the biggest thing we noticed about the RV was how much time we saved. Instead of setting up the tent and all the things like that, we were able to basically pull up to spot, do a quick set up and start enjoying almost right away.

For this particular trip, we exploring the southern prairies, including Cypress Hill InterProvincial Park, so we camped one night on the Alberta side and two nights on the Saskatchewan side.

2. Anything unexpected happen while you were RVing?

Picture being able to park your home wherever you like! We got to choose the view we woke up to everyday, most mornings I was in awe of the new scenery we had literally stumbled across. I hadn’t really done any RVing previously and was blown away at how in touch with the natural surrounds I felt, all from the comfort of my double bed or peering just outside the wide open kitchen windows. Waking up with a view of the beach, greeted by perfect waves and the style of travel was a hard one to let go of.

3. Any challenges along the way?

As with anything new, there was a little bit of a learning curve with the RV, but nothing a quick Google search or YouTube tutorial couldn’t teach us. But we also had access to 24 hour support should we need it.

4. Memorable moments?

The nights we decided to go on our trip, just happened to be the weekend of the perseids meteor shower, and we just happened to be camping in a dark sky preserve and there just happened to be no moon or smoke, so the conditions were literally perfection. I’m not sure I’ll ever forget sitting outside of our RV and watching countless shooting stars from the comfort of our camp site.

5. How did you “bring back wildhood”?

When I think of wildwood, I sorta think of childhood, which was the time of my life I likely camped the most. This trip gave me the opportunity to embrace the camping-life, but with the perks and comforts of RV travel.

Mike Morrison

Mike Morrison

Blogger, author, storyteller and entrepreneur from Calgary, Alberta.