Watch the videos of Andy and his crew on their trip to a music festival in Newfoundland.

1. How was the trip?

Our trip was fantastic. I have never had the opportunity to travel with a group of creatives before. We explored places I never thought I would get to see. The flexibility and sense of adventure we had was amazing.

Newfoundland is a very special place and one that is very important to me. Being able to introduce this province to some of my friends was amazing. Truly unforgettable experience.

2. You basically circumnavigated Newfoundland. How was that? Is it everything people say it is?

Newfoundland is as raw as it comes. The landscape is breath taking. You are totally surrounded by nature. Ocean, forests, mountains, lakes, rivers. So untouched. Beyond the staggering natural beauty, you will never EVER meet better people. I have never felt more welcomed while traveling that when in Newfoundland. They are kind, welcoming, and totally hilarious. If you haven’t been, go!

3. Your an experienced chef. How was cooking with the RV different?

My style of cooking is all about making restaurant quality meals, any where. So this was no exception. While somewhat limited in kitchen space, the equipment itself is pretty amazing. I was able to cook and prep inside the RV without any issue. When it came to higher level cooking that was needed, I would use my portable camp stove and cook under the awning outside the RV. Who doesn’t like cooking outside!?

4. A big part of RVing is adventures and “Bringing Back Wildhood” – did you experience this? Share a moment with us.

As a group we felt totally free to explore. There are no boundaries and you can totally go off the beaten track when ever you want. Before we caught the ferry back to NS we had a couple hours to kill. As such, we took the RV a local national park. We stumbled upon arguably the most beautiful beach I have ever seen in my entire life. The RV gives you the confidence and the desire to explore. It make the trip feel more like an adventure than just another vacation. That adventure mindset allowed us to find places we would have never seen otherwise.

5. You’re not necessarily an RVer but mentioned you could get hooked on it. So? Verdict? Do you see an RV in your near future as you travel and cook up a storm?

100%. As soon as I got home I raved about the experience to my wife. As a young family, I can’t wait to get us all back on the road together so we can experience that sense of adventure as a family. First of many trips!

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Andy Hay

Andy Hay

Canadian Chef and adventurer, Master Chef Canada Runner Up, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.